Monday, April 12, 2010

HoPiNg AgAiNsT hOpE

The disaster of world environmental condition across the globe is beckoning from its black hole. All the developing and developed countries are tremble in this issue these days. The most developed nations who who are positioned in the bandwagon of G7 are mostly from occidental except Japan (i.e.UK, US, German, France, Australia). All these countries are come under the group of developed industrialized country where the environmental condition never tried to knot with the denseness of industries having a garland of toxic carbon gases.

From the Second World War we witnessed a great environmental disaster and hazards to the flora and fauna. The best examples are two historical rivers, Rhine and Theme where we witness a hazardous effect of environment on the ecosystem of these two rivers. This made people alert and various environment operations carried out. All the industries that established on the bank of these two rivers remained closed. The consequences are awesome. The lost ecosystem was again revitalized and regained. Can’t we say it’s an environmental mystery?

Let’s put some statistics. It is said that to consume the carbon dioxide from one cigarette we need eight big trees. So we should imagine that 700 crore people from the world excrete how much carbon per day. So it would be around 840 crores kg apart from our own vehicles, industries and white goods what contribute still more carbon dioxides.

Everybody is concern about the fear of greenhouse gas and its ill effect on melting of ice and rising of water level. A lot of questions rose against the carbon trading concepts of developed nations. It’s simply a betrayal against the trust of whole global community. It simply promotes the developed countries to set up more industries, manufacture more goods, and emit more carbons to the environment. In return the developing countries will plant more trees to absorb all carbons and for that they will be rewarded with dollar. In short they are littering in front of the temple and paying some money to clean it because littering in front of the temple is their birth right.

So where we will go? How this jigsaw puzzle would will be solve? Shall we pray two minutes for the plants every day before we sleep or shall we think and tends to execute the ancient saying of “Basuveiva Kutumvakam”? so that we can only dream up of a beautiful planet for our next generation.